Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas – Day 2

Eat, sleep, get up again to eat.  That’s pretty much what the next 7 days will hold!

We ate a bite of breakfast, then headed to Cape Canaveral.  We dropped off my cousins and the luggage at the ship, the returned the car.  Budget’s office is just a couple of miles from the Port, so quite easy to get to.  We took their shuttle back to the ship where we got in line to board.  On the shuttle we rode with a gal that was going on Disney.  She said it was a pin-trading cruise and she was quite excited.  She had a whole suitcase just of pins.  She said she’s mainly on Disboards, but thinks she’s read Mouse for Less also.  How strange to get on a shuttle with a stranger that asks if we’re on any of the same boards.  My DH thought he was hearing aliens speak.  LOL   This was very quick and easy and before long we were onboard.  We took our bags to our cabins (we were all three in cabins side-by-side) and headed to the Windjammer for lunch.  There were a lot of choices in the buffet setting, and the food was very good.  After lunch, we women headed to the spa while the men hung out on deck 11 (which was there home away from home for most of the cruise).  We took the spa tour, then booked our treatments for the week.  We did think that the spa prices had gone up a lot since our last cruise and were thankful we had a $100 onboard ship credit!  After the mustering, we set sail for Nassau.  We watched the departure from deck 12, then got ready for dinner.  After dinner there was a Welcome Aboard show in the theater.  They were suppose to have a little bit from the upcoming shows, but due to technical difficulties, we didn’t get to see that.  The Cruise Director is a VERY good singer, though.  We did have a comedian that was very funny—Tony Daro.  He also had an adult show that night, but I was just too tired to stay up for it.  DH did, and said it was good.  He also went to part of the karaoke hour.  After the show, I headed to bed.  I love sleeping on a ship—the rolling motion is the best!

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