Village Haus Restaurant Review – Disneyland/Fantasyland

By | June 27, 2010
Overall Rating44444
Suitable for Children55555
Reviews of Disneyland Village Haus Restaurant Step inside an alpine village and enjoy a meal here among the beautiful murals that illustrate the tale of Pinocchio and Geppetto.

Visit The Mouse for Less Village Haus Restaurant Menu.

Cuisine:  American, Vegetarian, Healthy Selections

Service Type:  Quick Service

Price Range:   $ ($10 per person or less)

Meals Served:  Lunch, Dinner, Snack

Location:  Fantasyland

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4 thoughts on “Village Haus Restaurant Review – Disneyland/Fantasyland

  1. Cheryl
    Overall Rating 55555
    Food 55555
    Service 55555
    Atmosphere 55555
    Price/Value 55555
    Romance 22222
    Suitable for Children 55555

    I like Village Haus!

    I had the Pepperoni Pizza served with a garden salad. The pizza to me is better then Pizza from the Pizza Port.

    Quick Tip: Get here early.

  2. Kristina Valcarce
    Overall Rating 44444
    Food 44444
    Service 44444
    Atmosphere 55555
    Price/Value 33333
    Romance 22222
    Suitable for Children 55555

    Who:Valcarce Family
    Where: Village Haus, Disneyland Park

    When: April 19th, 2011

    What:Lunch: BLT flatbread pizza, decaf coffee, Coke Zero, Black Forest cupcake, Kid’s lowfat milk, Kid’s pizza with apples, Apple cheddar salad

    Approximate Price of Entrees:$26.95

    Rate the following (1-5, five being the best!)
    Food: 4
    Service: 4

    Atmosphere: [rating]
    Okay for Children:Yes- my 5 year old loved looking at the murals
    Okay for Couples: No – not romantic

    Be Sure to Try: the apple cheddar salad was delicious but I wish it had another protein, like grilled chicken, in it

    General tips: We ate at 11:00 AM and it was deserted. By the time we left, it was packed.

    MouseForLess Tip: We used a 25% off coupon that could only be used if we ate before 11:30 AM.

    Extra Comments: The cupcake was large enough for the three of us to share.

  3. Swift
    Overall Rating 22222
    Food 11111
    Service 33333
    Atmosphere 33333
    Price/Value 22222
    Romance 22222
    Suitable for Children 55555

    I’ve been to Disneyland more times than I can count, but this was the first trip to the Village Haus. I went by myself with my 22 month old. We ordered a cheeseburger, drink and a chicken nugget kids meal.
    We went at an “off” time, about 2:30 in the afternoon, so it wasn’t too crowded but I’ve seen that place get nuts around lunchtime.
    Before this experience, I thought all hamburgers at Disneyland were more or less created equal, but apparently not so. The cheeseburger was so awful. It honestly reminded me of elementary school cafeteria food. There was a sprinkling of wilted shredded lettuce on top of a sad looking patty. The cheese was the only redeemable part. I am not generally too picky, but it was pretty bad. The chicken nuggets were doable for my son, but a little cold and nothing to write home about. I was actually pretty surprised that the food tasted so bad, and didn’t finish my cheeseburger. I guess if your only objective is to feed hungry kids, this place is okay, but I won’t eat here again.
    My opinion is, if you’re in the mood for a hamburger, try the Tomorrowland Terrace or head over to the Taste Pilot’s Grill at the California Adventure park. (There you can put on all of your own lettuce, tomato, pickles, etc. SO MUCH better!)
    Overall, Village Haus was definitely disappointing.

  4. Giesbrecht/Widdifield
    Overall Rating 55555
    Food 55555
    Service 55555
    Atmosphere 55555
    Price/Value 55555
    Romance 22222
    Suitable for Children 55555

    What: Double cheeseburgers (3), single cheeseburger, cheese pizza and fruit salad

    Approximate Price of Entrees: $6.50

    definately a place for families with children!

    Be Sure To Try: The cheese pizza.

    General Tips: Get there early! There’s limited seating.

    TheMouseForLess Tip: My family and i split the pizza/salad combo cause it was too big for just one of us to eat.

    Extra Comments: It’s a very satisfying restaurant and you should give it a try. Preferably for dinner as it’s not as busy as lunch.

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