Refreshment Corner Review – Disneyland/Main Street

By | June 27, 2010
Overall Rating4.334.334.334.334.33
Suitable for Children4.334.334.334.334.33
Reviews of Disneyland Refreshment Corner Step out of the hub-bub, right off Central Plaza and Main Street, U.S.A., and watch the world go by as you enjoy the refreshments.Visit The Mouse for Less Refreshment Corner Menu.

Cuisine:  American

Service Type:  Quick Service

Price Range:   $ ($10 per person or less) *

Meals Served:  Snack

Location:  Main Street, U.S.A.

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3 thoughts on “Refreshment Corner Review – Disneyland/Main Street

  1. Erin
    Overall Rating 55555
    Food 55555
    Service 33333
    Atmosphere 44444
    Price/Value 55555
    Romance 33333
    Suitable for Children 55555

    I LOVE this place! The cream cheese stuffed pretzels are to die for :) Nice little place to grab a snack, and not too expensive!

  2. The Stockwells
    Overall Rating 44444
    Food 33333
    Service 33333
    Atmosphere 33333
    Price/Value 33333
    Romance 33333
    Suitable for Children 44444

    When: Too numerous to count

    What: Lunch

    Approximate Price of Entrees: About $31.52 for 4 hot dogs and 4 sodas. Plus taxes for the governor of course.

    Rate the following (1-5, five being the best!)

    Seating is pretty good as you can go to the old Plaza Pavilion seating area if there is none at the corner.

    There are some cozy bench seating just inside of the Candy Palace and the piano entertainment is good.

    Be Sure to Try: Hot dog and a coke. Simple and satisfying. Rob and John are great on the piano too.

    General tips: The tables are small so if you want to spread out try the old Plaza Pavilion seating area next door the tables are bigger. If not then sit as close to the piano as there is a clear area in front where the kids, both young and old, can dance or tap their feet to the music. Since this location is open 30 minutes past closing you can stop for that final cup of coffee and a cookie before you head out of the park at night.

    Extra comments: This place holds a special soft spot in my heart but I won’t bore you with all the details. Great place to people watch if you grab a seat next to Main Street.

  3. Hayes
    Overall Rating 44444
    Food 44444
    Service 44444
    Atmosphere 44444
    Price/Value 44444
    Romance 44444
    Suitable for Children 44444

    What: Lunch

    It’s a cute little spot on Main Street that is very welcoming to couples.

    Be Sure To Try: Hot Dog.

    General Tip: They mainly sell hot dogs, but they sell some other snacks too. There are lots of chairs and there is someone playing piano which is really nice.

    Extra Comments: This is a great place to step back from Disneyland for a few minutes and listen to a piano!

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