Rainforest Cafe Review – Downtown Disney

By | June 28, 2010
Overall Rating44444
Suitable for Children4.
Reviews of Downtown Disney Rainforest Cafe Enter a tropical rainforest for a dazzling dining experience the entire family will treasure.

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Cuisine: American

Service Type: Casual Dining

Price Range: $$$ ($20-$30 per person)

Meals Served: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack

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5 thoughts on “Rainforest Cafe Review – Downtown Disney

  1. Jennifer Remple
    Overall Rating 55555
    Food 55555
    Service 55555
    Atmosphere 55555
    Price/Value 44444
    Romance 22222
    Suitable for Children 55555

    Our family of 7 loves this restaurant, the food, atmosphere and service are all great. It’s a bit noisy and pricy, but so much fun. A must visit for us in the Downtown Disney!

  2. Indy
    Overall Rating 33333
    Food 33333
    Service 33333
    Atmosphere 55555
    Price/Value 33333
    Romance 22222
    Suitable for Children 55555

    We have eaten at this Rainforest Cafe twice now. We have two small children who love the decorations (mom and dad do too!) but the wait is pretty long if you don’t have a reservation.
    Food: 2 adult burgers and 2 kids chicken nugget meals. Burgers are good, expensive but good. They charge 1.45 more for fries though…My picky children actually eat here so that is nice.
    Service: The service is okay. We had great service the first time we went and the second time started out great while we had a trainee as our server while our server was on her break, we were disappointed with our actual server, the trainee should have been training her.
    Atmosphere: Wonderful!!
    Price/Value: I think it just depends on what you are looking for. I think it is a little on the expensive side but I think the value is in the dining experience. In other words this is not somewhere we will go all the time but it is a nice treat sometimes.
    Romance: This restaurant is noisy, the tables are close together, there are loud interruptions when the “show” happens and there are children everywhere. I would not consider this restaurant very romantic.
    Suitable for children: YES! This restaurant is mainly for children.

  3. Valcarce
    Overall Rating 44444
    Food 33333
    Service 55555
    Atmosphere 44444
    Price/Value 44444
    Romance 11111
    Suitable for Children 55555

    What: late lunch/early dinner at 2:50 PM: 1 Rainforest Ricky 1 Frozen Raspberry Lemonade 1 Child’s Milk 1 Chili con Queso 1 Cobb Salad 1 Fish and Chips 1 Jurassic Chicken Kids Meal 1 Lava Mud Kids Dessert 1 Bananas Foster

    This is our 4 year old’s FAVORITE restaurant

    Be Sure to Try: the Bananas Foster are delicious but far too large for even two people to share.

    General tips: don’t think there’s a bad seat in the house. We had to wait for a table even on a weekday at an odd time, but the wait was about 5 minutes, not the 15 minutes we were told.

    Extra Comments: Very close to the monorail station, so easy hopping to and from Disneyland Park.

  4. Valcarce
    Overall Rating 44444
    Food 44444
    Service 55555
    Atmosphere 55555
    Price/Value 44444
    Romance 11111
    Suitable for Children 55555

    What: Dinner – a Key Wester (non-alcoholic smoothie), Shrimp Platter (shrimp prepared 3 ways), Lightning Lemonade in a souvenir glass, Shrimp Embrochette, Peanut Butter Pie, Kid’s Poppin Shrimp, Kid’s Lava Mud.

    audio animatronic gorillas, a huge aquarium to look at while we ate, a rainbow spanning the restrooms, this place was a blast, especially for our 3 year old.
    the place is claustrophobic – tables set very close to each other, while kind of ruins any romantic ambience

    Be Sure to Try: The Peanut Butter Pie was delicious and huge – we shouldn’t have ordered our daughter a separate dessert.

    General tips: I’ve eaten here for breakfast during the week in the summer and the place was absolutely empty. Tonight, it was packed, although we were seated right away – it’s huge.

    Extra Comments: Again, although we were seated right away, the place was PACKED. Tables spaced way too close together for my taste. At one point I had to take my daughter to the restroom and there were waiters with trays coming at the same time and it was nearly impossible to get by.

  5. Eck
    Overall Rating 44444
    Food 44444
    Service 44444
    Atmosphere 44444
    Price/Value 44444
    Romance 44444
    Suitable for Children 33333

    What: Dinner: Pizza, Salad, Pasta & kids meals

    Okay for Children: Yes, but the thunder storms & gorillas can frighten some children
    Okay for Couples: Yes

    Be Sure to Try: Dessert – “The Volcano” the entire family can share in this one!!

    General tips: Highly suggest you make priority seating prior to coming. We made them about 30 days before our trip. All the areas are great seating with “wildlife” & storms around.

    TheMouseForLess tips: Portions are good sized, smaller appetites could share a meal.

    Extra Comments: Loved our time at the Rainforest Cafe. The food, the service, the atmosphere were great. Some of the animals & storms can frighten children so be prepared if you bring kids with you or be ready for children seated nearby. Our 2 yr old still talks about this restaurant even though the thunder & darkness scared her.

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