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By | July 18, 2011
Overall Rating4.334.334.334.334.33
Suitable for Children4.334.334.334.334.33
Reviews of Rainforest Cafe at Disney Springs Marketplace This jungle-themed restaurant, with simulated weather patterns and animated animals, caters to animal lovers looking for tasty pasta, poultry and vegetarian selections.

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Cuisine: American

Service Type: Themed Dining

Price Range: $$ ($15 to $35.99)

Meals Served: Lunch/Dinner;  A la Carte

Location: Disney Springs Marketplace

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3 thoughts on “Rainforest Cafe Review – Disney Springs Marketplace

  1. Myers Family Me(27), DH(28), DS(1), DS(4), Babysitter(23)
    Overall Rating 44444
    Food 55555
    Service 44444
    Atmosphere 55555
    Price/Value 44444
    Romance 33333
    Suitable for Children 55555

    Okay for Children: Yes! There si so much going on in this restaurant

    Be Sure to Try: Sparkling Volcano

    General tips: There is usually a long line for this restaurant

    TheMouseForLess tips: We joined the Safari Club for $15. we got the Chimi Cha Chas for free and we got priority seating. As long as we use the club card at least once a year it will not expire.

    Extra Comments: I love this restaurant, I have to eat here every trip to Disney. there is so much to look at and the food is very good too.

  2. Jensen & Burrows Families (Me (29), DSis (31) DMom (66), DDad (64), Lisa (40's), Bill (40's), Tori (12), Alex (10)
    Overall Rating 55555
    Food 55555
    Service 55555
    Atmosphere 55555
    Price/Value 44444
    Romance 22222
    Suitable for Children 55555

    Service: As soon as the waiter found out we had someone in our party with a food allergy, he immediately brought out the chef to discuss their options for this meal.

    Okay for Children: Definitely – I think this place is mostly geared towards children.
    Okay for Couples: Yes, as long as you don’t mind the noise.

    Be Sure to Try: The Tuscan Chicken and the Pot Roast were both excellent.

    General tips: Definitely call to make reservations as soon as you can. I called in July for the reservation, otherwise we would’ve had to wait until 9:45 to be seated and we arrived at 7:00. Using the Safari Club card will also get you seated earlier if you don’t make reservations.

    TheMouseForLess tips: Definitely join MyPoints if you plan on eating here. I had $100 worth of gift cards I had earned from MyPoints, and a $5 Rainforest coupon I’d received in the mail. We ended up paying around $70 for this meal for 8 people.

    Extra Comments: I would recommend joining the Safari Club if you’re eating at RFC. We joined about 4 years ago, and have gotten much more out of it than the $15 it cost to join at the time.

  3. Anna (Grandmom 60 something); Anna (mom 41); Brighid (DD14); Eilis (DD4); Granuaile (DD 7 months)
    Overall Rating 44444
    Food 44444
    Service 55555
    Atmosphere 55555
    Price/Value 44444
    Romance 22222
    Suitable for Children 33333

    Okay for Children: Yes, but be aware that during your meal, you will experience the reaction of the animals during a volcanic eruption. It is loud, the animals are all making noises, and small children may be very frightened.

    Okay for Couples: Yes, but it won’t be quiet!

    Be Sure to Try: The Awesome Appetizer Adventure was a big hit at our table. We arrived here at the restaurant at about 3 in the afternoon without the benefit of breakfast or lunch (busy morning with ill children), and we were going to try a few different appetizers. This platter gives you a good sampling, everything was yummy, and for 4 really hungry people and an infant, this did a good job filling us up!

    General tips: We had absolutely no wait when we went, but as it got closer to dinner time, the place filled up quickly. I would say eat at really off hours to take advantage of the shorter wait time.

    TheMouseForLess tips: The portions here are huge, and none of us finished all of our meal. We could have easily ordered only one or two entrees and split them – especially after ordering the appetizer

    Extra Comments: The kids enjoyed wandering the shop after the meal, but the real highlight here was our waitress. When I asked for a spoon to feed the baby, she actually brought me 4 different sized spoons so I could find one that was comfortable for the baby!! She was attentive, sociable, friendly, and interacted with the kids to make them feel comfortable.

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