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By | September 6, 2010
Suitable for Children44444
Reviews of Fairfax Fare at Disney Studios Satisfy your hunger with salads, sodas, beer and smoked barbeque specialties.

Visit The Mouse for Less Farefax Fare Menu.

Cuisine: American

Service Type: Themed Dining

Price Range: $$ ($15 to $35.99)

Meals Served: Lunch, Dinner

Location: Sunset Ranch Area

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One thought on “Fairfax Fare Review – Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  1. Skamarakas/Holak Families - Grandmom, PopPop, Anna, Bean (all grown ups); Brighid age 11 and Eilis age 1.4
    Food 55555
    Service 55555
    Atmosphere 33333
    Price/Value 44444
    Romance 22222
    Suitable for Children 44444

    What: snack

    Approximate Price of Entrees: About $5 for a large fries and bottle of water

    Be Sure to Try: They serve only fries here

    General tips: There is usually a long line here – but it does move fairly quickly

    Dollarless tips: This was just a quick bite for us, but we all shared the large sized fries.

    Extra Comments: I did not get fat and fluffy eating carrot sticks, so I consider myself a french fry expert. McDonald’s are not usually my favorite fries – in my are, the Wendy’s fries are crisper and saltier (I love salty fries). But the fries at all of the McDonald’s kiosks in Disney World are excellent fries! They aren’t real soggy, like I find McDonald’s fries tend to be, and they are really well salted. They are piping hot when you get them, which probably makes a huge difference in how they taste, but these are truly some of the best fries ever.

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