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By | June 28, 2010
Overall Rating3.
Suitable for Children3.
Reviews of Downtown Disney ESPN Zone As part of a total entertainment, shopping and dining experience, the complete sports complex features non-stop action and great food for the entire family.

Visit The Mouse for Less ESPN Zone Menu.

Cuisine: American

Service Type: Casual Dining

Price Range: $$$ ($20-$30 per person) *

Meals Served: Lunch, Dinner

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6 thoughts on “ESPN Zone Review – Downtown Disney

  1. Tom Barnard
    Overall Rating 44444
    Food 44444
    Service 55555
    Atmosphere 44444
    Price/Value 44444
    Romance 33333
    Suitable for Children 44444

    The food was good, My family and I really enjoyed the staff, and the atmosphere even though it is pretty loud. We are returning in August to try the vegan menu.

  2. Harrison
    Overall Rating 33333
    Food 44444
    Service 11111
    Atmosphere 33333
    Price/Value 33333
    Romance 33333
    Suitable for Children 11111

    What: Lunch: 3 hamburgers with cheese, and 3 diet cokes. Hamburger cost: 11.99 Diet Coke cost: 8.99 A refill was offered to a 12 years who was half way through drinking her diet coke. Parent was not consulted. The child agreed and the server brought and charged another 8.95 on to bill.

    Extra Comments: Empty restaurant but had to wait 20 minutes to be seated. Rude, impatient staff. Brought a second 8.95 coke to a child and did not consult parent. Brought cold buns that had been grilled previously.

  3. Richards Family
    Overall Rating 11111
    Food 22222
    Service 11111
    Atmosphere 11111
    Price/Value 11111
    Romance 22222
    Suitable for Children 11111

    What: dinner – Ordered sliders, wings, garden burger, chicken wraps, lemonade, wine.

    Price of Entrees: $91.00 for four

    General Tips: Before you make the trip make sure the play area is open. We drove all the way there to find it was closed at 3:00pm on a Saturday. Our boys were so disappointed, that’s really the only reason we chose to go.

    The Mouse For Less Tips: Lemondade was horrible, watered down and expensive for water with a squeeze of lemon.

    Extra Comments: Service was slow and staff seemed bothered by everyone. One girl holding menus on our way out actually “huffed” at us because we were “in her way” and she was busy holding a stack of menus. Extremely rude considering we had just spent our hard earned money in her restaurant. Menu changed also, not as many things to choose from now. Will not go back!

  4. The Wristen's
    Overall Rating 44444
    Food 44444
    Service 44444
    Atmosphere 44444
    Price/Value 44444
    Romance 44444
    Suitable for Children 44444

    What: dinner

    Price of Entrees: $25.00

    The Mouse For Less tips: More coupons should be avail. to more than just AP holders. hopper passes? day passes? how about some online coupons. disney is not cheap you know!

  5. The Hernandez Family
    Overall Rating 55555
    Food 55555
    Service 55555
    Atmosphere 55555
    Price/Value 55555
    Romance 55555
    Suitable for Children 55555

    What: late lunch/early dinner

    Price of Entrees: $11.99

    Kids had a great time and enjoyed their meals.

    Be Sure to Try: Chicken Wrap, Black and Blue Burger with the walnut salad.

    General tips: We decided to take a break from the park at approximately 3pm and had to wait 5-10 minutes. No longer.

  6. the6x
    Overall Rating 44444
    Food 55555
    Service 44444
    Atmosphere 44444
    Price/Value 44444
    Romance 44444
    Suitable for Children 44444

    What: Dinner


    Okay for Children: Yes
    Okay for Couples: Yes

    Be Sure to Try: BBQ Pork Sandwich (if you like a bit of a kick)

    General tips: We arrived & stood in line for a bit & then were told a 90 minute wait, they give you a pager that works inside the building. We were seated 35 minutes later. So don’t let the quoted time scare you off, the turn around time goes much quicker.

    TheMouseForLess tips: We basically got our meal for free using ESPN MVP Club $20.00 vouchers that anyone 18 or older can sign up for. We used 5 of them & only had to pay for the taxes & tip.

    Extra Comments: This is a great sports themed restaurant with awesome memorabilia, but since its always busy, it’s hard to snoop around to look at it. There is a huge gaming area for kids/teens upstairs which makes the entry hub very noisy.

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