Daisy’s Diner Review – Disneyland/Toontown

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Reviews of Disneyland Daisy's Diner You’ll go “quackers” over the crispy crust on Daisy’s tasty pizzas.

Visit The Mouse for Less Daisy’s Diner Menu.

Cuisine:  American

Service Type:  Quick Service

Price Range:   $ ($10 per person or less)

Meals Served:  Lunch, Dinner, Snack

Location:  Toontown

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    Review – Daisy’s Diner, Mickey’s Toontown
    Who: Valcarce Family

    Where: Disneyland Park
    When: September 20, 2014

    What: lunch
    Items ordered: Large bottle of water, cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza
    Cost: $20.06

    Rate the following: 3
    Food: 3 – standard theme park pizza, although it did come right out of the oven
    Service: 5 – eat at 11:00am – no line!

    Atmosphere: 5
    Okay for Children: Seating is outside in the the middle of Towntoon, where you can see all of the action.
    Okay for Couples: NOT a date spot.

    Be Sure to Try: both my husband and daughter were satisfied with the pizza but said it was nothing special.

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    What: Lunch – 2 cheese pizza meals, 1 pepperoni pizza meal, 2 Diet Cokes, 1 milk

    Approximate Price of Entrees: $24.91

    Rate the following (1-5, five being the best!)

    Food: 4 – the pizzas were above average

    Service: 3 – it was typcal counter service – I had to duck down to be able to hear anything the girl was saying

    Atmosphere: 3- your basic counter service restaurant with shaded round tables outside

    Okay for Children: Yes – very kid friendly food

    Okay for Couples: No – this is definitely not a romantic hot spot.

    Be Sure to Try: the veggie salad that came with the meals was surprisingly tangy and crunchy

    General tips: We ate at about 11:30 on a Monday in October and we had no wait and no problem finding a table

    TheMouseForLess Tip: The pizza was too big for my toddler; if we had 2 kids around her age they easily could have shared one.

    Extra comments: just wanted to make you laugh – my mother wanted frozen yogurt so she went to the stand next door called “Clarabelle’s Frozen Yogurt” only to be told that they didn’t serve frozen yogurt. I am not making this up, people.

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