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By | August 2, 2011
Overall Rating33333
Suitable for Children3.
Reviews of Boardwalk Pizza Window - Disney's Boardwalk Resort Stop by for piping hot pizza as you stroll on down the BoardWalk.  Sold by the slice or order up the whole pie.

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Cuisine: American

Service Type: Quick Service

Price Range: $ ($14.99 and under per person)

Meals Served: Lunch/Dinner/Snack

Location: Disney’s Boardwalk Inn

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2 thoughts on “Boardwalk Pizza Window Review – Boardwalk Resort

  1. Dunn Family (Jason - 32, Leslie Ann - 37, Charles - 4 and Maddie - 2)
    Overall Rating 44444
    Food 44444
    Service 55555
    Atmosphere 55555
    Price/Value 55555
    Romance 44444
    Suitable for Children 44444

    Okay for Children: Absolutely – it was a great change of pace

    Okay for Couples: Yes! Very romantic to people watch on the Boardwalk
    Be Sure to Try: This is *not* the “normal” pizza you get on property. The crust was handmade and it was more authentic. Although it is still not your favorite restaurant quality, it is much better than the normal crap they serve at Pizzafari and the snack bars.

    General tips: Grab a drink somewhere, or bring your own for the kids. There was another family next to us on the boardwalk who couldn’t finish their pizza and they offered it to us (we couldn’t eat it because we were stuffed.) We got a table next to the water, not next to the restaurant. The kids had a great time playing with the birds and running around.

    TheMouseForLess tips: This is perhaps the cheapest way to feed a family of 4 on property.

    Extra Comments: It was really great to sit on the boardwalk and watch the sunset while the kids were entertained by the street performers. If you have someone in your party who doesn’t like pizza, there is also a stand that has hot dogs and chicken fingers right across from the window. I wish we had done this on Tue night instead of wasted our money at ESPN.

  2. Jensen Family (Me (29), DSis (31) DMom (66), DDad (64)
    Overall Rating 22222
    Food 33333
    Service 33333
    Atmosphere 22222
    Price/Value 22222
    Romance 22222
    Suitable for Children 33333

    Be Sure to Try: The garden salad was the best thing we had from here.

    General tips: It takes about 20 minutes for the pizza to be ready, so you have time to walk around and check out the shops. They give you a buzzer to take with you so you know when it’s ready.

    TheMouseForLess tips: If you don’t mind cheese pizza, skip the toppings (they’re $1.49 each).

    Extra Comments: We weren’t really thrilled with the pizza from here. My Mom wasn’t feeling well, and we needed something close by that we could take back to the room and this fit the bill.

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