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By | June 25, 2010
Overall Rating44444
Room Size55555
Reviews of Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort Crescent-shaped Bay Lake Tower has been designed to complement the fabled styling of its classic neighbor, the Contemporary Resort. Rising 15 stories just outside the gates of the Magic Kingdom, it delivers some of the most dramatic views available anywhere at Walt Disney World Resort. The largest suites have windows two stories tall. The exterior mimics the original resort’s A-frame structure, while the two-story lobby is filled with woven woods and glass-wrapped columns. The pool has a unique water slide, wrapped in glass block.

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2 thoughts on “Bay Lake Tower Review

  1. BD
    Overall Rating 44444
    Theming 55555
    Room Size 55555
    Amenities 55555
    Quality 55555
    Cleanliness 55555
    Transportation 44444
    Recreation 55555
    Value 44444

    Had a great experience with BLT Nov 2011. Fantastic design and layout of the rooms, great architecture and easy on the eyes. Minimalistic decor with a touch of uber cool retro art. Loved the proximity to Magic Kingdom and the great pullout beds for our kids. Love the two bedroom! The staff was fantastic and catered to our needs from the moment we arrived until departure. If one area could be improved it is the lack of enclosure of the walkway to the WDW Contemporay Resort. The pool was great, an out door movie and bocci area were nice extras. Highly recommend if you get overdosed on Mickey and need to cath some zzzz’s away from the chaos of screaming children and road rage rascals drivers at the park.

  2. Christine

    Bay Lake is our Home resort. We love it today as much as we did the first time we stayed in Dec 2009!
    When you check in you do so at The Contemporary, which I guess some people find inconvenient. We do not, DH lets me and the luggage off at the Contemporary and he parks the car next door then meets me in the lobby of one of the resorts based on how fast check in is. It is a nice walk from one resort to the other and check in has always been a breeze as well as an upgrade almost every time we have stayed! :)

    The views from this resort are the best in my opinion. Again….I have read where some people are put off by the parking lot below the building between your building and the MK. Me? No way! When we walk into the room and the blinds are pulled open to a view of the Castle and SM? Come on!! LOVE IT! One time it was just lake to the right and MK to the left….leave during the day and return at night to a vision of the castle all lite up!
    The rooms are very spacious. We have had a studio and a 1 bedroom. The bathrooms with the non locking doors have been upgraded and now lock ( I think they are done with that) I will say one thing….please, if you have small children or elderly watch them closely around the table in the living room. Both my mother and my 4 yr old grandson had mishaps with this table. It is top heavy and WILL fall over if you lean on it while getting up. We had to call the paramedics because the table fell ontop of my grandson…HUGE bump on his forehead! I would ask to have the table removed if my grandkids are with us in the future.
    Do not miss the Top Of The World lounge!! Just head there early if you plan on Wishes. You can always find room outside on the balcony but inside is nicer and fills up early. So head up there early have an appetizer and a drink while waiting. We have met some great people in the lounge! Very lively group of people usually!
    The walk to the Contemporary is short but can get windy… prepared. And you have access to the restaurants and the boat dock! As well as movies outside at night.
    It’s a great resort! We love it!

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