Aug 102016

When you get in trouble and you don’t know right from wrong
Give a little whistle! Give a little whistle! – Jiminy Cricket

Q. My granddaughters are coming to Walt Disney World for their first time in January.  Does Disney do anything to celebrate first time visitors?  They are 11 and 9. (Submitted by lwalker)


A. Hello!

How much fun that your granddaughters are about to experience their first trip to Walt Disney World! What a magical time that will be!

While the resort doesn’t specifically have things that it will for sure do for first time guests, my big suggestion is to make sure to stop at Guest Relations at either the theme park or at your Walt Disney World Resort and ask for a First Visit button! These great buttons signify to Cast Members and Guests that this is their first time visiting the parks. Again, while Disney doesn’t guarantee that they will do anything special for first timers, often Cast Members will dote on those Guests, giving them a bit more attention, for example talking to them and asking them, giving them trinkets like stickers, and more.

There really is something special about wearing a first time button.

I hope you have a magical vacation!

Aug 102016

This is a Magical Tip/ Magical Memory in one! If you are staying at one of the WDW properties and have the opportunity to go the evening Extra Magic Hour at the Magic Kingdom that runs until the early morning hours, make sure you go!  On a visit over Thanksgiving week, we made a point to go back to the hotel and nap midday so we could stay up and go to the park’s Evening Extra Magic Hours.  We arrived just as the fireworks started.  When the fireworks ended, there was a mad rush by most Guests to the gates, yet we were able to fight the crowd and made our way toward the back of the park.  This was the beginning of our favorite memory of the week.  We rode everything we wanted to and had no lines at most rides.  I remember walking straight though to a waiting boat on Pirates of the Caribbean!  We wanted to walk through and see Fantasyland and ended up riding the Under the Sea ~ Journey of The Little Mermaid!  It ended up being a great ride!  And of course I left humming the music.  At times, we felt like the only ones in the park.  The only other people we saw were cast members!  Make sure to take advantage of these late night Extra Magic Hours if they are available when you are vacationing at WDW!  It’s worth it and your kids will love it.  They get to stay out late and ride and ride and ride some more. One more tip: have snacks and drinks in your hotel room when you get back.  Everything is closed at 3:00 a.m. (Submitted by Keith R.)

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Aug 102016

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Last week, Ms. Lost was waiting to catch the American Adventure at Epcot! Congratulations to Marty C.!

This week, you’ll find Ms. Lost checking out the artwork on this truck. Where is she?

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Send in your guess by August 20. Please be as specific as possible, noting not only the park but the specific ride, attraction, or section where the picture was taken. For instance, instead of saying, “Magic Kingdom,” say, “At Magic Kingdom at Jungle Cruise” (which isn’t this week’s answer). One random entry from all correct entries will receive a Disney trading pin.

Aug 102016

By Ginamarie Palmieri

RR 1

Disney Springs is fast becoming a destination for dining within Walt Disney World’s property, especially with so many new restaurant destinations.  My family’s favorite spot in Disney Springs is not a new one however.  We love everything about Raglan Road Restaurant.

Raglan Road is an Irish pub, but don’t let the theme fool you.  This is not an adult-only venue.  It is family-friendly, and it’s not just a place to grab a beer (though you may want to enjoy a selection from their beautiful bar if you’re of age).  Raglan Road will give you the true Irish pub experience, with food from Irish chefs and décor which was imported from the homeland.  The restaurant also has Irish entertainment throughout the evenings, including Irish step dancers from 4-9 pm and live bands that perform both on the restaurant’s indoor stage and their outdoor patio.

RR 2

The décor is one of my favorite parts of this location.  It is covered with wood paneling, stained glass windows and brass light fixtures.  The mirrored bar serves a vast variety of beers on tap or by the bottle, wines, hard liquors and cocktails.  I am especially fond of their beer flights, but if whiskey is more your speed, they have whiskey flights as well.  While you can be seated at the bar, there are also tables and large booths located in several rooms.

RR 3

The food here should not be minimized though.  Raglan Road’s kitchen puts out some really tasty dishes.  Each table is brought a serving of brown bread with Guinness dipping sauce.  This never seems to last on our table- it is slightly sweet and a great starter.  Speaking of starters- there is a large selection of appetizers on the menu, including a scotch egg, steamed mussels, baby back ribs, and a soup of the day.  My favorite choice though, are the “nom nom wings,” which are some of the best wings I’ve found at Walt Disney World.  They’re spicy and sweet- crunchy on the outside and meaty on the inside.  Many of the appetizers are also available at the bar as “late night snacks” even after the dining room stops serving.

RR 4

The entree selections at Raglan Road are upscale versions of Irish home cooking.  The Raglan Risotto is a perfectly cooked risotto with fresh peas, pecorino and mozzarella cheese.  It’s light but also creamy, and a large portion.

The fish and chips is a large piece of fresh fish, deep fried in beer batter.  It’s a great representation of what I’ve eaten in the U.K.  Those who aren’t adventurous at all, should consider the “Serious Steak”, which is a perfectly cooked strip steak with mashed potatoes and beer battered onion rings.

Each night, Raglan Road offers a different pot pie selection, and this has gotten rave reviews from our family.  The chicken pot pie that we had on our last visit had large chunks of chicken, vegetables, a delicious sauce and flaky crust.  Best of all, the pot pie had mashed potatoes hiding at the base, which my husband loved.  The menu is full of options though, including roasted chicken, ham, lamb shank, seafood chowder, chicken curry, baked salmon and confit duck leg.

RR 5

RR 6

The Raglan Road children’s menu is equally as diverse.  They can choose from classics like chicken fingers, cheeseburgers or mac and cheese, or try out more authentic options like risotto, shepard’s pie or baked salmon.  The children’s portions are huge, and we have easily split them between two young children, or taken leftovers back to our rooms for another day.

If you’re not too full from dinner, Raglan Road also has a great dessert menu which includes a decadent bread pudding, flan, an apple/berry crumble, trifle, and whiskey coated berries with ice cream.  My personal favorite is the Dunbrody’s Kiss, which is a chocolate lover’s dream.

RR 8

I highly recommend this restaurant for lunch or dinner.  It’s a great spot to have some delicious food and to take in a show from the dancers or the bands.  Reservations are strongly recommended.  This restaurant takes one credit on the Disney Dining Plan and accepts discounts from Disney Vacation Club and Tables in Wonderland.  Try it out on your next Walt Disney World vacation.  I know we already have reservations for our next trip.


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Who is the real Peter Pan? (Taken during the Pirates & Pal Cruise). (Submitte by Melissa L.)

In each issue we feature a magical memory submitted by one of our readers. We look forward to sharing your memories in upcoming issues! To submit your memory, email a photo with a short description to

Jul 272016


Ms. Lost was recently getting a ride on Dinosaur before it went down for refurbishment. (No worries! It will be back up and running in October!) Congratulations to Amy G.!

This week, you Ms. Lost found this great quote. Where was she?

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Send in your guess by August 6. Please be as specific as possible, noting not only the park but the specific ride, attraction, or section where the picture was taken. For instance, instead of saying, “Magic Kingdom,” say, “At Magic Kingdom at Jungle Cruise” (which isn’t this week’s answer). One random entry from all correct entries will receive a Disney trading pin.