Aug 102016

This is a Magical Tip/ Magical Memory in one! If you are staying at one of the WDW properties and have the opportunity to go the evening Extra Magic Hour at the Magic Kingdom that runs until the early morning hours, make sure you go!  On a visit over Thanksgiving week, we made a point to go back to the hotel and nap midday so we could stay up and go to the park’s Evening Extra Magic Hours.  We arrived just as the fireworks started.  When the fireworks ended, there was a mad rush by most Guests to the gates, yet we were able to fight the crowd and made our way toward the back of the park.  This was the beginning of our favorite memory of the week.  We rode everything we wanted to and had no lines at most rides.  I remember walking straight though to a waiting boat on Pirates of the Caribbean!  We wanted to walk through and see Fantasyland and ended up riding the Under the Sea ~ Journey of The Little Mermaid!  It ended up being a great ride!  And of course I left humming the music.  At times, we felt like the only ones in the park.  The only other people we saw were cast members!  Make sure to take advantage of these late night Extra Magic Hours if they are available when you are vacationing at WDW!  It’s worth it and your kids will love it.  They get to stay out late and ride and ride and ride some more. One more tip: have snacks and drinks in your hotel room when you get back.  Everything is closed at 3:00 a.m. (Submitted by Keith R.)

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Episode 1050 – Start with Apps

Today we spend some time talking technology and Disney!  From Pokemon Go to Star Wars Rebels all over Walt Disney World to more traditional apps to make your Disney vacation experience awesome, we talk about it all today!
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Mar 112015

When you get in trouble and you don’t know right from wrong
Give a little whistle! Give a little whistle! – Jiminy Cricket


Q. We will be arriving at WDW April 2 for Spring Break. We are staying on-site for our first night, then leaving and staying off-site for the next 6 nights. We have already received incentives (MagicBand) for at least staying on-site for the one night, however, is Walt Disney World going to let us partake in the Extra Magic Hours? Because technically, we will be off-site the actual day we are going to Magic Kingdom. (Submitted by Maegan D.)


A. Hi Maegan!

Ah…the rules of what can happen and can’t happen with a MagicBand can be very confusing. I absolutely get that!

So, here’s how things will work for you with Extra Magic Hours. Extra Magic Hours are actually tied to your resort stay, not your MagicBand. So while you’ve been giving a free MagicBand to use during your stay and your MagicBand will be able to be used to gain entry into the park, the system at the turnstiles will have the data that shows how many days you are staying on property. This means that you’ll have access to Extra Magic Hours for only the one night you are staying on-site. If you tried to use your MagicBand on that day, the turnstiles will glow green and you’ll be able to gain entry.

The bad news is that once you check out of your on-site hotel, you’ll lose your privileges for Extra Magic Hours. If you tried to enter a park with your MagicBand on one of the days when you are staying off-site, you’ll be met with a blue Mickey at the turnstiles and the Cast Member will see that you will not be able to enter the park.

MagicBands certainly add a sense of confusion to what we’ve always known has been. Things were more cut and dry with a Key to the World card…they were issued with the dates they were valid and that was that. Unfortunately, there is no date imprinted on a MagicBand because they can be reused, so while a MagicBand is considered to be a Key to the World, they also have other perks that aren’t tied to a resort stay. I know the rules of how things work are certainly blurry, but I really do hope this helped explain things just a bit better!