Sep 012016

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Q. I have a trip planned for the week after Thanksgiving this year.  I’ve noticed that Hollywood Studios is listed to close at 7pm most nights and doesn’t have any Star Wars fireworks scheduled.  This is high on our priority list for my 7 year old son.  Will they be showing them and will they be at 7pm (park closing)? (Submitted by Jamie W.)

A. Hi Jamie!

Unfortunately, Disney has been very cagey about park hours as of late. They keep the parks listed as closing early, until like a month or so before. Then they change park hours to adjust with their projected attendance. The same issue is what is causing the delays in releasing a schedule for the Star Wars fireworks. I suspect they will take place, but unfortunately, we still don’t know 100% what the timeline will be. If I were you, I would check schedules a month before your trip to double check to see if things have indeed changed. I hope you have an amazing vacation.

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