May 042016

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Q. I am doing a split stay where I am staying on-site for part of my vacation and part off-site. Does the Disney dining plan work when you are staying off property? Is it tied to your ticket or your room reservation? (Submitted by Diana.)

A. Hi Diana,

We know that Disney Dining is very important and currently on everyone’s mind with the recent Free Dining promotion that was released.

I do have to tell you though that the Disney dining plan does not have anything to do with your ticket medium. Instead, it is a one-to-one association with the number of nights you are staying at the hotel. Also, it expires at midnight on the night that you check out of your hotel.

So, unfortunately, you will only have the Disney Dining Plan available to use during the on-site portion of your stay.

My tip though: Make sure to spend all of your credits, that includes snack credits. What’s great is that with most snacks, you can eat those after your stay on-property is over! So if you have leftovers on your last day, make sure to hit up a snack shop and load up!

We hope you have a magical vacation!

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