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Q. I’d like to think we’re Disney nuts from the UK but we’ve only had the good fortune to visit the World four times to date! We’ve always visited in September / October. In 2016 we land on US soil on 1st October. During our stay we will be on property during Columbus weekend. I can’t recall it ever been an issue on past visits but various planning sites suggest its going to be busy – Whats your take on this guys – how busy is busy and how are the parks effected? (Submitted by Lee A.)

A. Hi Lee!

So, lately, as the park crowds have increased, it seems like these holiday weekends have become more and more crowded. Any time people can take a day or two off and pair it with a long weekend, they seem to be doing that more and more. Matter of fact, this past Thanksgiving week, crowds were extremely high, with wait times often exceeding a couple of hours for headliner attractions. Even with smaller holidays, such as Columbus Day, the crowds have been larger than they had been in the past. As for what to expect going forward during holiday weekends, such as Columbus Day, I would expect that crowds, especially at the Magic Kingdom will be very high, however, with proper planning, you can have a very fun vacation. I hope you have a magical vacation.

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