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When you get in trouble and you don’t know right from wrong
Give a little whistle! Give a little whistle! – Jiminy Cricket

Q.  I have had the opportunity to celebrate my birthday at Disney several times growing up as my birthday is over spring break. But my mom and husband have never gotten the chance. Both my husband and my mom value experiences more than items as gifts. I already have plans for cake at dinner. I figured out I’m going to surprise my mom with a trip to Pick a Pearl at the Japanese Pavilion since that is something she has never done at Disney before (I don’t know if she even knows it exists!). However, I’m stuck on what to do for my husband and Pinterest and Google have failed me! Do you have any fun experiences for my best friend that don’t break the budget? He’s an outdoor-sy guy and is a pilot. Any ideas to make him feel special would be greatly appreciated! (Submitted by Maddie E.)

A. Hi Maddie!

How awesome is it that you are going to celebrate your mom and your husband’s birthdays at Walt Disney World! First, I think the idea of the Pick a Pearl experience at the Japan Pavilion is a wonderful idea! As far as your husband, I have a few ideas that you could maybe consider. You could try to do a Segway Tour at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. This tour takes you from the Lodge to Ft. Wilderness and is a unique and certainly outdoor-sy experience. You could also maybe rent a boat at one of the marinas on property. It can be fun tooling around in either the two-seater option or even something like a pontoon boat. Both of these aren’t super expensive, but certainly aren’t entirely cheap either. For a somewhat cheaper option, you could always go to Characters in Flight and take a balloon ride over Downtown Disney. That’s nice because you can see all of property from there. Do keep in mind that the balloon is often closed down due to high winds. My final suggestion would be to rent a pedal bike at Disney’s BoardWalk and tool around the Epcot Resort loop.


I hope you have a lot of fun celebrating and have a magical vacation!

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  2 Responses to “Give a Little Whistle – Tackling Your Disney Dilemmas – 7/2/15”

  1. If its not too late to offer some suggestions?…how about a fishing excursion? we took one a few years back for my husband and he totally enjoyed it. My husband is a beer fan, so a trip to the Biergarten in Germany was tons of fun, and I believe there is a brewery type pub on the boardwalk?…He may also enjoy the Hoop Dee Doo, if you get seats close enough the actress’ sometimes toy with men up front…have fun!

  2. Hoop Dee Doo Revue!! You HAVE to do the Hoop Dee Doo Revue! !! Best birthday gift ever!!!

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