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Q.  We are spending the night at All Star Sports the first night of our Spring Break vacation, and staying off-site the remaining nights of our trip. Since we’re staying on-site our first night, we’ll ride Magical Express to the resort from the airport. What do you suggest we do about a rental car for the rest of our trip? To get over to our off-site resort, should we head over to the Disney Alamo and rent a car, then bring it back there when we are finished? And is there any transportation available that will take us from the Alamo to the airport? (Submitted by Maegen D.)

A. Hi Maegen!

So, while you have a good thought of taking Magical Express to the All-Star Sports Resort, it actually may be a better option to just go ahead and get the rental car for the one extra night at the airport. I say this mostly out of convenience because it will honestly be much easier to get the rental car at the airport then it would at the Alamo Car Rental location on Disney property. You’ll spend more time attempting to get to the Alamo rental office, which will eat into your precious vacation time. Not to mention that I believe the only way to get back to the airport is to either take a cab or a utilize a town car, which also comes at an additional cost. You will not be able to take Disney’s Magical Express back to the airport, since you’d been staying off-property for the last days of your trip.

Plus, if you do rent at the airport, you’ll have multiple rental car companies to choose from at the airport, so you’ll be able to shop prices a little better. This means you could get a better deal with another company, saving you more money! (Though, I will admit, Alamo does tend to have some pretty great rates, especially if you join their free Alamo Insiders program. And here’s another tip: Keep checking prices, even the week of your trip. You’ll never know when you’ll get a great deal!)

While I get that you want the excitement of having the opportunity to utilize Disney transportation to get you to your hotel, in all honesty, if it were me, I’d just go ahead a rent the car at the airport. It just seems like the easier (and actually, probably cheaper) option.

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  2 Responses to “Give a Little Whistle – Tackling Your Disney Dilemmas – 1/8/15”

  1. please note, you don’t have to return the car to the same place you got it. so you can rent at the Disney Alamo and then return it to the airport Alamo. Just be sure you specify this when you rent it.

  2. I agree 100% percent. The Magical Express is something that can be skipped because in the long run it’s just a bus. Getting and returning a rental car at the airport is the best idea.

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