Nov 122014

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Q. I’m cruising for the first time with Disney Cruise Line. Do I need to obtain a passport?

A. So, the long and short of things is that all U.S. citizens must travel with proof of citizenship. This can include a valid passport, or certified birth certificate (with official raised seal–this part is SUPER important) and picture identification, or a certified naturalization certificate with a picture identification. Acceptable forms of photo ID are state driver’s license, or federal, state, or local government photo I.D. card. Guests age 17 and under are only required to have proof of citizenship, and don’t have to have picture identification.

So, a passport is not always required for a cruise, however, it is highly recommended. (I certainly wouldn’t travel out of the country without one.) Let’s say an emergency came about and you need to fly home from a port. If you have a passport already then you’d have the proper documentation to be able to fly home. If not, then you will likely have issues returning back to the States.

No matter what you decide though, you need to make sure that you have the proper id and documents, because without proper proof you will be denied boarding, and you won’t get a refund.

Have a great cruise!

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