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Our family religiously goes to Disney World every other year, and it’s always on a budget. We had an idea long ago; when we grocery shop, we have a set amount we spend on food. If we do not hit that amount on groceries and have some money left, we pick up a Disney gift card at the grocery store and put, say, $15 on a card. So, obviously, we have MANY $15 and $20 gift cards. Also, this year, we are staying off-site. So would the best place to go would be the Marketplace Guest Relations area to turn in all our cards for park passes? And will those park passes come in card form? (Submitted by Maegen D.)

Hi Maegen!

Ah…the Disney Gift Cards….you are not alone in making that purchase when visiting the grocery store or another popular stop is Target.

I have good news for you! Yes, the Marketplace Guest Relations will be able to take those gift cards and put them towards park tickets. (And good news for you Disney Gift Card fans, any ticketing window allows for you to use Disney Gift Cards for purchasing park tickets.)

So, I’m going to take a guess and infer from your question that that you will likely not be visiting a theme park on your arrival day, but would possibly make a stop at Downtown Disney. If you don’t want to make a stop at a theme park, but would be passing through Downtown Disney, I would say this is a great way to get your gift cards converted to park passes. However, just know that sometimes the wait at Guest Relations on the Marketplace side of Downtown Disney can be busy. Of course, if you did head over to one of the parks (or the Transportation and Ticket Center) there would probably be more windows open to help you. However, I think making the stop at Downtown Disney on arrival day is a novel idea because the process to purchase the tickets with all those gift cards may end up taking a few extra minutes. Plus, then you’ll have the opportunity to head straight into the parks first thing the next morning! I hope you have a great trip!

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