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We are a mature couple that live in the UK and have always loved coming to see Mickey Mouse as often as possible. For the last two years have bought each other Annual Passes for presents to each other. My question is next time we visit in November, I would like to take my husband on a short Disney cruise (3 Days) and wondered if we would get any discounts with our Annual passes? Many thanks! (Submitted by Janet T.)


Hi Janet!

Wow! What awesome presents that you buy each other each year! (My husband and I have bought APs before too as gifts.)

Unfortunately, being a Disney Annual Passholder doesn’t give guests any sort of discount for the Disney Cruise Line. (Boy how I wished it did, given that I too have an AP and love to cruise on DCL.)

The best advice I have on getting the best deal for a Disney Cruise is to always book early, as soon as you know your travel dates and that they are available. I would also suggest booking your cruise through a travel agent (and may I of course suggest The Magic For Less Travel?) because they can often offer special Shipboard Credits, which while those aren’t discounts, they are nice perks as you’ll have extra money to spend on the fun little extras you want to take part in on the cruise. (Like if you want to imbibe in a cocktail or enjoy a relaxing massage in the spa.) The Shipboard Credit can help you pay for those.

Cruising on Disney Cruise Line is one of the most relaxing experiences though and I hope you all have a magical time! Bon Voyage!

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