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Q.  Hello! We are planning a trip to Disney World in July and we were wondering about My Magic+. We have already customized our MagicBands with our names and by choosing our colors, but we don’t know if we need to or if we can submit them and get the magic bands before we do fast pass+ or if we will have to submit them after we add the fast passes. Can you help? (Submitted by Emily K.)

A.  Hi Emily!

It sounds like you’re on the right track, having already personalized your MagicBands. The  good news is that yes, you can go ahead an order your personalized MagicBands without affecting your abilities to get FastPass+ reservations.  While the two are ultimately connected, they are both essentially two different animals.  Here’s what I mean:

FastPass+ is the online attraction reservation system that Walt Disney World is now utilizing in their parks, where guests can pre-schedule three FastPass+ reservations ahead of time.  Guests can access FastPass+ via their My Disney Experience account and make these reservations. Keep in mind that in order to do this, you must have linked your tickets with your My Disney Experience account.  Guests staying on-site can make FastPass+ reservations up to 60 days in advance, while guests staying off-site, as well as Annual Passholders can make their reservations up to 30 days in advance.

While FastPass+ is tied to your MagicBand (meaning, you use your MagicBand to gain access to FastPass+ attractions in the park) your FastPass+ reservations are not set in stone on the MagicBand.  The good news is that should you need to, you can change them during your trip, even on the fly, should something come up during your vacation.

So, make sure to order your MagicBands when you have them all ready to go!  It won’t have any effect on your ability to get FastPasses.  For more information about MyMagic+, FastPass+, and My Disney Experience, check out this page on The Mouse For Less.

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