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Q. We will be staying at the All Star Music Resort during the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. With the new Rapid Fill Mug System, will it be possible to walk over to a resort near Epcot, fill our mugs, and re-enter the park with them? If so, where would the nearest refill station be located? (Submitted by Chuck)

A.  For people who may not have visited recently, Disney has upgraded their refillable mug system to include an RFID chip that has been embedded into them.  These mugs are now able to be programmed for multiple days. Guests will be able to select the time frame they wish the mugs to be activated for, which can include as little as a one day, to a few days or even the guest’s entire length of stay  (Up to 14 days at which point guests can add additional days if they wish).  Guests can see how many days remain on the beverage dispenser’s LCD screen. At the end of the purchase period mugs are deactivated and cannot be used on subsequent visits. The souvenir mug is then yours to keep.

In the past, the mugs were only valid for your resort but now, with the Rapid Fill system, the mugs may be used at any resort.

You are more than welcome to bring the mugs with you into the parks and if you are in Epcot just take the International Gateway exit found between France and the United Kingdom Pavilions.  From there, the nearest refill station would have to be Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resort.  There will be a station found in Beach Club Marketplace or you can get it filled at Hurricane Hanna’s.  You will also find one at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort, at the Boardwalk Bakery.

I hope you have a wonderful time!

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