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When you get in trouble and you don’t know right from wrong
Give a little whistle! Give a little whistle! – Jiminy Cricket

Q.  We are using the dining plan for the first time and I wondered if certain entrees are excluded from the plan at the signature restaurants or can we order from the entire menu at the participating restaurants. I enjoy reading all the info and answers to Disney dilemmas.  (Submitted by JM)

A.  Hi, JM!

It’s so exciting for you to be using the dining plan for the first time!

As far as your question, there are, unfortunately, some items at select Disney restaurants that are not included in the dining plan.  Since items sometimes change, I cannot find a full list of which items are included in the plan and which are not (Even Disney’s website doesn’t have a list).  That being said, I would say that most items are included on the dining plans with only a few small exceptions.  The great thing is that, when you first sit down to your meals, the Cast Member will ask if you are on any Disney Dining Plans and will explain the process as well as what items may not be included (for example, at signature restaurants, if they offer lobster it’s not included).

I hope you have a wonderful trip and bon appétit!


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  3 Responses to “Give a Little Whistle – Tackling Your Disney Dilemmas – 8/22/13”

  1. Perhaps things have changed (for the better) just recently, but my husband and I dined at Narcoossee’s a few weeks ago on the Deluxe Dining and the Lobster was included (and was delicous, BTW)!

  2. I can confirm at Narcoosees you can have steak and lobster tail. I wasn’t going to have it but the server forced me!

  3. Keith, were you on the Deluxe or the Regular dining plan? I can understand if Deluxe Dining Plans get it, but was curious if the Regular plan got it. If it does, that’s news to me, cause I certainly remember them taking that off a while back.

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