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Q.  Just noticed in that Main Street Bakery in the Magic Kingdom has added Starbucks.  Being that my family is all about “Disney on a Budget,” we would love to gradually pick up Starbucks gift cards at our local Starbucks and use them at the Magic Kingdom Starbucks, so it’s not so “painful” financially (breakfast or lunch paid for- less cash to have to use).  Will the Starbucks at Magic Kingdom accept Starbucks gift cards?  (Submitted by Maegen D.)

Hi Maegen!

The Magic Kingdom Bakery has certainly been a hot button topic lately, with its recent reopening on Tuesday, June 18.  The area has completely been remodeled, seeing a new color scheme, additional registers, and more space for guests.  (Though it did lose the indoor seating so many loved.

The location mostly serves up Starbucks food and beverages, although, it appears that after 11 am, a few Disney treats come out, like cupcakes, brownies, and cookies.  Also, the cinnamon roll that used to be found here can now exclusively be found at Gaston’s Tavern in Fantasyland.

As far as your question, I have good news for you!  This location, while Disney run (those are Cast Members behind the counter) does accept Starbucks gift cards!  For those who are a member of Starbucks’ rewards system, that means that you can use your card to obtain Stars, however, you cannot use them to get your rewards you may have on the card.

In addition, for those of you on the Dining Plans, those work here too!  Most drinks count as one snack credit and the quick service meals are also accepted here, giving guests two different ways to take advantage of that option.

I’m going to shamelessly plug my post for themouseforless.com for those who want more information about the new version of the Main Street Bakery.

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