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Q. We are heading to the World in June for about 10 days. One of the things we really like to do is arrive very early on our first day and head straight to the parks. Our flight lands around 8am, and our room may not be available until 4pm. With three kids (4, 7 and 10) we really need to pace ourselves so the kids can make it through the day. One of the things we are doing this time is making sure we have an ADR for a sit down lunch. We want to enjoy the parks right away, but realize we need to pace ourselves on a busy travel day. What are your tips for first day touring?  (Submitted by John A.) 

A.  Hi John!

Wow!  You aren’t kidding!  That will be one early morning for your family!  (You didn’t say what time your flight takes off, but I can imagine you all won’t be getting much sleep the night before with both the early flight and the early flight jitters!  You know…I’m too excited to sleep!)

With that being said, I think taking a very relaxing day would be a wonderful idea, for the sanity of both your family and you.

First, try to check in.  You may get a surprise and your room may be ready.  Yes, even that early in the morning.  You just never know.  If it isn’t, they will usually contact you when it is.  Make sure you are prepared though.  Bring along your swim gear in your carry on, that way you will be able to head out to your resort’s pool for a morning of fun and relaxation and maybe a bit of rest. (Those beach chairs can be a great napping place for both the kids and the adults!) I know it’s tough to not immediately go to the parks, but I really think that catching up a bit on the morning’s excitement in this manner can really help that first day.

I like your suggestion of doing an ADR for lunch.  You didn’t say what resort you are at.  If you are staying at a Deluxe, I would certainly suggest maybe making one for that resort.  If you are not, then by all means, hit up one of the Deluxe resorts for lunch.  I suggest dining at a resort so that way you can still relax a bit.  The hustle and bustle of a Disney trip won’t quite set in.  (Hopefully, by this time your room will be ready.)

After that, then maybe head to the parks for the afternoon/evening and take things slow.

Of course, all that is easier said than done right?  You’re at Disney…the parks are right there!  So, if you don’t want to hang at a resort for the morning, then I would suggest hitting up a park for a few hours after you get there.  Enjoy a little lunch at a sit down restaurant with your ADR in either the parks or at a resort.  After that, I would head back to the resort for a little relaxation .  (By this point, hopefully your room will be ready.)  Everyone will certainly need a nap by this point in the day.

Once you’ve napped, head back to the parks for a bit more evening fun.


Either way you decide, just take things really slow.  Those early morning flights are great to get you there, but they are no joke on the tired level you’ll feel later.  If you take things a little slower, it will really help you enjoy the vacation that much more the rest of the time.


I hope you have a magical trip!

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