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Q. We are looking at ticket options and are trying to decide if an annual pass is the right option for us.  How do you decide if you should purchase an Annual Pass or not?


This can always be a tough decision.  When is the right time to go from regular park passes to a regular pass?  For guests who are looking at an AP, it’s is $574, plus tax for access to all four theme parks.  Not exactly chump change.  It can be a hard decision to spend that kind of money.

So here are some ways to help you decide if an Annual Pass is the right decision for you.

If you plan on going on two or more separate trips in one year, an Annual Pass is almost certainly the way to go.  If you flat out bought park passes both times you went, you would more than likely be spending more than an AP would cost.  (Of course, I suggest you do the math on this one yourself to make sure the AP is the right option. Doing the math will be a common thread here.) You could technically buy the 10 Day Park Hopper with No Expiration too, but in the long run, if you will be visiting multiple times within a year, that will end up costing you more.  (If you are going twice within two years span, than the 10 Day Park Hopper with No Expiration may be the right option for you.  Again, try the math to see.)

If you will be in the parks for more than 10 days in a time span, then yes.  An Annual Pass most certainly makes sense because at that point, you will have to start the whole cycle over.  (Disney doesn’t offer longer than 10 Day park tickets, except to those who are coming from foreign countries.  Then , I believe they do offer a 14 day pass.)

Another option when purchasing an AP might pan out for you is if you are staying about seven days and staying at a Deluxe Disney Resort.  Often Disney releases discounts for their AP holders.  Though, lately, these discounts haven’t been as great as they may have been in the past, they can still save you money.  Especially at the Deluxe Resort category.  If you are staying at a Moderate for about nine days, the AP would make sense, and if you are staying at a value for about 11 days, it would make sense to get the pass for the discounts.  (Make sure the math makes sense for you.)

The main problem with an Annual Pass…it burns a hole in your pocket!  Just knowing you have access makes you want to go down all the time!  Trust me…I have a Premiere Pass (for both costs) and every da I think…darn…I could be in the parks today!

Having an AP can be a really great thing though, if you take the time to see if it’s right for you.

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