Mar 202013

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Q.  We will be visiting Disney World on May 21.  Will there be any flowers and topiaries left at that time? (Submitted by Mabel S.)

A.  Hi Mabel!

So, to officially answer your question, the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival ends on May 19th.  In that regard, the festival will be over, so of course, things like the HGTV celebrities, Flower Power concerts, and the Garden Marketplace booths will all be over.  However, you may be able to be lucky to get to see some of the topiaries and the gorgeous flower beds.  I would suggest that if you want to have the better shot of seeing these, the earlier you go, the better.  Of course, it certainly isn’t guaranteed you will.

However, one of the really neat things that will be taking place during your trip (I’m assuming…you didn’t say how long you’d be visiting) will be Star Wars Weekends.  This is a fun event that takes place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and involves special shows, meet and greet opportunities with Star Wars characters, as well as Disney characters dressed in their Star Wars finest, and chances to meet some of the actors from the movies.  It is a really great time, even for those who are not Star Wars fanatics.

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