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Q. We will be visiting WDW at the end of March for a 13 day stay through Easter. We are curious about the crowds. We have been to WDW countless times, but always during June (since we work in education), so we are well aware of the crowds during the summer time. We are thinking the crowds may be similar during Easter, without the excessive heat! Your thoughts? (Penny S.)

A. Hi Penny!

Well, first of all, temps are on average about 10 degrees cooler in March than they are in the Summer.  Add the lesser amounts of humidity and you have a much better experience temperature-wise for sure!

Of course, with Easter this year being so early, it seems  a lot of schools are taking their breaks early too.  Because of that, I would think that this year, the end of March will be some of the most crowded times of the year.  It does seem that Summer is only just a touch less busy than Easter week.  However, if you tie in the weather with the crowds, I would say that even though it will be busy, it hopefully won’t take as much out of you because of the temperatures in March as it would in the middle of June.

A few suggestions to make your trip experience the best it can be, even during super crowded times.  Get to the parks early.  You will get to experience WAY more if you do that.  Take a break midday or, if you don’t want to leave the park, at least take a longer lunch.  My last time is to just relax.  Know you won’t see everything, so take everything in.  Stop and smell the roses.

I hope you have a wonderful vacation!

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