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Q.  I know the Main Street Bakery at Magic Kingdom has closed and will reopen as Starbucks.  Is it just a name change? Will all the delicious bakery items still be available when it reopens? That is a must stop on every visit we have ever made to Magic Kingdom. We love it. What changes can we expect on our next visit this November?(Submitted by Blandine D.)

A.  Hi Blandine!

So, I mentioned about this in the Editors Note from the Main Article for this week’s issue, but from my understanding, the Main Street Bakery will not be completely closing its doors, only to be turned into a Starbucks on Main Street.  Starbucks is not completely taking over the Main Street Bakery, meaning it isn’t going to be turning INTO a Starbucks, but it is simply going to be offering Starbucks drinks and pastries.  The Bakery will still exist and, I am going to assume, serve many of the items that were offered at the shop previously.  (Of course, Disney could prove me wrong, but I don’t think they will.)  I would also assume that, like it’s sister shop that is already open on the West Coast, at the Fiddler, Fifer, and Practical Cafe at Disney’s California Adventure, the shop will sell items like soups and sandwiches as well.  The major difference is that the Main Street Bakery will be serving Starbucks branded coffee, instead of Nescafe branded coffee.  (I see it as just a sponsorship deal, much like Aloha Isle has with Dole in offering those delicious Dole Whips.)

While the Main Street Bakery is closed, guests may visit the Tomorrowland Terrace for their breakfast needs.  Items being offered include: Danishes; oatmeal; fruit; mini waffles; Greek yogurt parfaits; egg, cheese, and ham croissants, and beignets. Guests who wish to eat a cinnamon roll can find them at the newly opened Gaston’s Tavern.

The shop will still keep the name Main Street Bakery when it reopens in May.

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