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Q.  My family is taking a vacation to Disney World in May 2013 and we are interested in Pin Trading.  I would like to know what sort of pins do I need to get to trade?  Any information you could pass on to me would be greatly appreciated.  (Submitted by Celina C.)

A.  Celina!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Pin Trading!

First, there are a couple of ways which you could get started.  The first is to buy a starter set.  Disney sells these in pretty much every store and it includes a lanyard and a small selection of pins.  This is by far, the easiest option to get started.  There is another option, for those who really get into the pin trading fun and that is to purchase pins off of somewhere like ebay.  Do keep in mind that there are many who sell counterfeit pins.  So make sure to buy from a reputable source, if you can.

So, you’ve got your pins, now, there are a multitude of different ways you can choose to trade.  Because there are so many pins, a lot of people choose to trade about a specific topic.  For example, one family member could love Beauty and the Beast, so they only choose to trade pins that revolve around the movie.  Or you could choose to trade pins related to a certain attraction, or specific event pins.  Or you could just trade for pins that strike your fancy.  They don’t have to fit any theme whatsoever. You can really do whatever you want with your pins.

We suggest trading pins with Cast Members, especially when you are just starting out.  They will be best equipped to dealing with newer traders.  There is some etiquette that should be followed for trading.  It is:

1)   Wait until the cast member is finished doing what he/she is doing. (For example, a cast member checking out another guest at the store.)

2)   Ask to look at the pins.

3)   Point at the pin you would like to trade for.  Don’t touch.

4)   If you don’t see anything you want to trade for, say, Thank you, but I don’t see anything I’m interested in.

If you would like any more information, we have a couple of sources you could check out.  The first is on the Mouse For Less message boards!  We have a whole section for pin trading which can be found: http://www.mflboards.com/forumdisplay.php?47-Pin-Trading  Another option would be to check out the official pin trading guidelines, found: http://eventservices.disney.go.com/pintrading/page?id=getStarted#locationguidelines

Have a great time trading!

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