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Q.  I am going to be staying at the Beach Club villas (because of traveling with a family of 7).  We are looking at dining plans.  I thought about going with the basic Disney dining plan but am worried there will not be enough counter service available.  Any suggestions?  The other possibility would be to go with the Disney deluxe dining plan but that seems like it might be way too much food. (Submitted by Jessica M.)

A. Hi Jessica!

The dining plan can be your biggest friend or your biggest foe.  My suggestion when deciding if the dining plan is right for you is to do your homework.  Take a look at what restaurants you want to visit during your stay (check out our MFL menus page here) and see what you plan to order and if the costs will be close to what you will be spending on the dining plan.

You mentioned being worried about not having enough counter service options.  Disney does offer the Quick Service Dining Plan which would give you 2 Counter Service meals and 1 Snack per guest (over the age of 3), per night.  It also includes 1 refillable mug per guest (over the age of 3).  The next option would be the Standard Dining Plan which includes 1 Table Service Meal, 1 Counter Service Meal and 1 Snack per guest (over the age of 3), per night, as well as 1 refillable mug, per guest (over the age of 3). Lastly, there is the Deluxe Dining Plan.  This is the most all-inclusive plan with 3 Meals that can be either Table or Counter and 2 Snacks per night, per guest (over age 3).  This plan includes the refillable mug per guest (over age 3).

If you do the Counter Service Dining Plan and you have any table service meals planned you would need to pay for them out of pocket, however you wouldn’t have to do one every night, so it can be worth it if you just wanted to do a few special meals.

I hope that whatever you decide, you have a magical trip!

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