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Q.  On the last day of our trip, our group would obviously like to do something, but nothing major, like a park, because we need to catch a flight.  We would love to eat at Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge and have never even stepped foot on the property, but here’s the question…if we’re eating at Boma, but did not stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge, can we still see animals?  Like, can we eat and be entertained?  We just think that checking out the hotel itself, combined with great food and animals, would be a great way to end our trip.  (Submitted by Maegen D.)

A.  Hi Maegen!

It’s always sad to say goodbye to your trip, but by having a special thing to do on your last day to look forward to, it’s always a great idea to help with the sting.

As far as making the trip over to Animal Kingdom Lodge as part of your last day’s hurrah, that is a perfect idea. There is so much to do at the resort.  Make sure to ask at the front desk for the activities that may be happening during your visit to the resort.

Boma is such a delicious dining option. This buffet has great food that is influenced by African flavors.  They have some of the most delicious items out of all of Walt Disney World.  As far as if you can see animals while dining, unfortunately, the answer to that is no.  However, there are plenty of viewing areas where you can see the animals from.  Some of these areas have chairs where you can just kick back and relax and enjoy the view.

Overall, I think you are making the right choice in making the trek over to Animal Kingdom Lodge to spend your last afternoon at the Resort.


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