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Q. We are planning to go to Disney with two older teenagers.  We have only been to Disney one other time, so there is still lots to see, but do you have any suggestions to make this trip extra special as it will be our daughter’s senior year in high school. Thanks! (Submitted by Sheila V.)


A. Hi Sheila!

What a great “last” trip with the family before life changes and your daughter goes off to college!

One of my big suggestions would be to make sure to get an “I’m Celebrating” button at Guest Relations.  You can have the Cast Member write anything that you are celebrating, including your Senior year of high school.

I would also suggest planning a very special dinner for the family where your daughter chooses which restaurant she would like to eat at.  This way, you all can celebrate as a family, but she’ll also get the privilege of making sure she gets an extra special meal that she’s picked out.  Matter of fact, you could even give her one day to plan, where you did nothing but whatever she wanted for the entire day.

Another thing I could suggest would be to have a special arrangement delivered to the room.  Disney has their own florist on property and they have a lot of options for different occasions.  They are a bit pricey, but I would still make sure to check them out at http://www.disneyflorist.com/

Finally, make sure to just enjoy your time together as family.  Really, that’s what it’s all about.  Soak up all the memories you can about this trip.  Take a ton of pictures.  This is such a life-changing time for your family and I speak from experience when I say that this trip, as a whole family, will be something your daughter will treasure forever.  (I know I treasure my last family trip with my parents and brother before I went off to college and then ended up meeting my now husband.  It was so nice being just the four of us for one last time.)

I know you are going to have a magical time and congratulations to your daughter!

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