Jun 152011

When you get in trouble and you don’t know right from wrong
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Q. We are going this summer and are wondering where we can find the characters that were previously found in Toontown at Walt Disney World?

A. Yes, it’s true, Mickey’s Vacation Home in Walt Disney World is no longer around (although he does still have a home in Disneyland’s Toontown) but you CAN still meet the characters that were previously found in this area of the park!

Guests will now find Mickey on Main Street USA in the Town Square Theater, right in the front of the park.  There, Magician Mickey Mouse greets park visitors in an area themed around a backstage theater dressing room.  While waiting, make sure to check out all the theming and gags that can be found in this room based off of various different Disney movies and theme park attractions.

While in the Town Square Theater, guests will also have the opportunity to meet with the Disney Princesses.  Make sure to check the wait time board, as that lets guests know which Princesses are doing meet and greets at that time.

When entering the Town Square Theater building, guests will have the opportunity to choose between the Princesses line versus the Mickey Mouse line.

One new feature is that with this new meet and greet area, guests may choose to stand in the standby queue as they previously had in Toontown or they may obtain a Fastpass to meet either Mickey or the Princesses.    Fastpass for this meet and greet area works just like it does for other theme park attractions, where the guest will insert their park ticket into the Fastpass machine and will be given a ticket that has a one hour return window printed on it.  The Fastpass distribution center can be found just around the corner of the building, near The Chapeau and the Main Street Confectionary.

As far as guests who may be looking for Tinkerbell and her Fairy Friends, as of right now, they are not doing meet and greets in the park.

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