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When you get in trouble and you don’t know right from wrong
Give a little whistle! Give a little whistle! — Jiminy Cricket

Do you have a Disney dilemma? Are you wondering about a certain attraction? Are you curious about a resort or a cruise? Give us a little whistle and we’ll help you sort out how to handle it. Questions should be sent to whistle@magically-speaking.com. If your dilemma is trip-related, please include when you will be traveling.

Q. I was just reading about Gaston’s Tavern being added to the Magic Kingdom. Are we talking alcohol at the Magic Kingdom? (Submitted by Lisa G.) A. Hi, Lisa! Yes, Gaston’s Tavern is coming to the Magic Kingdom as part of the Fantasyland refurbishment project. While we don’t know all of the specifics yet, Gaston’s will likely be a counter-service restaurant. Although there might be root beer, don’t expect the Magic Kingdom to start service alcohol on Gaston’s behalf. After all, Liberty Tree Tavern isn’t known for it’s adult beverages, either. No matter what, though, we are looking forward to seeing the new venue.

Q. We have a vacation booked for next March, with the whole extended family (23 in total!). Since many of our group are kids, we’re wondering about height limitations on the rides. It would be sad for the kids to be disappointed once we get there that they can’t ride something, you know what I mean? (Submitted by Suzy)

A. Wow, Suzy, that’s quite a group! It’s a great idea to plan ahead for these sort of things. You are right, disappointed kids are not going to make for an enjoyable day. Our suggestion is to visit the height requirements page and take a look at what the kids will be able to ride.

Just a couple of suggestions when dealing with this problem. Your reaction (or the reaction of the other adults in your group) will help you child deal with height issues. If little Joey, for example, won’t be able to ride the Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster, make sure he knows ahead of time that this is the time he will get to go see something he can do. Also, don’t forget about child swap. You might not need it with a group of this size (one of our editors was always willing to sit out the thrill rides with the smaller ones), but it’s nice to know there is an option. For a child swap, one adult waits with the little one(s) while the others ride. Then when the first group is done, you hand off junior and the second adult rides the ride. Simply as the Cast Member at the front of the line’s queue if it’s available for that attraction and they will give you the low down on where to wait, etc.

Also, if a child is borderline on the height, it will be checked, perhaps multiple times, in the queue. The Cast Members are just trying to make sure everyone is safe. We’ve seen parents put children in their taller shoes, try to stand on their tip toes, etc. The safety of any child isn’t really worth the experience of any ride. We’re not suggesting you would try this, but we’re just mentioning it.

Regardless of which rides you experience, we hope you and your extended family have a magical vacation!

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