Dec 192005

Special thanks to Michael and Peggy Furtado, who managed to get a peak at the suites being mocked up at the All Star Resorts. There are actually three models, all somewhat different, that Disney is considering. Don’t look to book these soon, though rest assured something big is coming. Michael did manage to get some photos of the new concept which would be welcome by all, but especially those seeking to travel with up to 6 people and stay together. The units are two bedrooms and the sleeping arrangements are a combination of regular beds and pull outs.

Looking at Door Removed with French Window Installed

Looking in from door

Picture from door of Dining Area and Living Room TV

Looking in from front door door at Dining Area and Living Room TV

Facing Kitchen area from living room (fridge, sink, microwave and cupboards)

Facing Kitchen from Living Room

Facing master bedroom from hallway by kitchen

Picture of TV and chest in Master bedroom.

Picture of desk and chair in master bedroom

Facing bathroom vanity from small hallway by kitchen and master bedroom.


Looking into sitting area from kitchen area. Two chairs with ottoman the chairs will fold out and make single beds (great for children) This area also has its own TV and chest if you notice in the 1st picture looking into the room and has a nice wall mirror.

Looking into living area from Hallway you see the bench seats and round table and the 3rd TV notice my daughter Chelsey at the door.

Facing the living room from the 2nd living room with two chairs. The sofa has a pullout queen size bed with a nice easy chair.

Looking at the built in wall shelves in the tiny hallway from the two chair sitting area with single beds.

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