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Maybe you have heard about Disney’s new dining plan. Although this is a great deal for many guests, it is only available to guests who have purchased a package. The plan costs $34.99 plus tax per night for adults and $9.99 plus tax for children (3-9). If you are one who cannot take advantage of the dining plan, or are not interested in purchasing it, you can still eat well at Disney for $40 a day or less.

With a nod to the Food Network show hosted by Rachel Ray, we have mapped out sample menus from each park. These menus will give you an idea of what is available while staying on a budget.

We have set a few simple rules and created some sample menus to prove that it is possible to eat at Walt Disney World for $40 a day or less, and eat well.

The rules are fairly simple –

  1. You can’t go over $40 for the day and that must include tax (6.5%) and 15% tip when applicable. The tip is added before the tax.
  2. 2. You must do a reasonable breakfast, lunch and dinner for one person. Extra points if you can squeeze in a snack, dessert or alcoholic beverage.
  3. You need at least one sit-down whether it’s a buffet, entrée or just a filling appetizer. No counter service all day!
  4. You must make the eating schedule doable. No major park or resort hopping.
  5. Give good descriptions as we like knowing what’s on the menu.

The links below will take you to sample menus for each park. Just click on the park you are planning and you will see some ideas that we have come up with. (There were a few that did come in over $40 – but just barely.)

***The dining locations marked with * accept the Disney Dining Experience card and would be eligible for an additional 20% discount.

Magic Kingdom Sample Menus

Epcot Sample Menus

Disney – MGM Studios Sample Menus

Animal Kingdom Sample Menus

MFL Webmaster note: Information and Examples for the Magic Your Way dining discount can be found here

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